Friday, August 1, 2014

What is Dragon City Hack?

 What is Dragon City?

Dragon City is a Facebook-based online game developed by Social point intended for social gaming experience. The fun and interactive interface of the game allows the players to breed their own dragons and create their virtual world of magical islands. When a player starts to play the game, he first should create his own dragon in the hatchery. And grow them to a new level with gold. Players should place the gold in the habitat for the dragon to continue growing. Another thing that players must do for the dragon is to feed them with food. The food is basically produced by the player’s farm and then fed up to the dragon. Always remember that the appetite of the dragon is as big as its size, that’s why players must work hard to produce more and bigger food for his dragon.
Players can choose from different types of dragons. These are earth, water, fire, ice, plant, metal, electric, and dark and legend type dragons. Each breed exhibits different strengths and weaknesses. For example, fire type dragons are typically weak against water type ones while water type dragons are weaker than the electric type dragons. Players have to breed more and more elemental dragons to acquire cool combinations which may be drawn to fight opponents in the island or duel with other players in the stadium. As the player wins against another dragon or player, he gets precious gems as a reward.

Dragon City Hack Tool

The full version of the game invites players to purchase for more in-game gold and precious gems to use. Not all players want to spend their real cash for this game that’s why Dragon CityHack tool was built to solve this dilemma.
Basically, the hack tool makes the game super easy. Players can get an ample amount of gold and gems with just one click of the mouse. Players can also design the greatest Dragon City islands of his choice with no worries and with all the gold in his hand. The no-cost gems are essential in growing your greatest and mightiest dragon.
The software was carefully designed and tested to help players achieve unlimited supply of gold and gems in the game. In the technical side, the hack tool was also built with an anti-ban protection to prevent the game from detecting a supply hack from its system.
The software is easy to use because it doesn’t require any cheat engine nor framework software to run. Apart from that, players don’t have to worry because the software works for its own and updates for its own and it supports all operating systems and all major internet browsers like Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

How to use dragon city hack:

If you want to use the Dragon City hack tool, just go to Facebook and open the Dragon City application then run the hack tool. Of course, you have to download it first in order for you to use it in the game. After downloading and installing the tool, enter your desired stats for gold, gems or food and click “activate” button. Refresh the Facebook page or Dragon City page to view the results. After refreshing, you will notice a flood of gold and gems in your Dragon City island.