Monday, March 31, 2014

Is Yodeling A Music? Know The Techniques To This Genre

Is Yodeling A Music? Know The Techniques To This Genre

Everyone in the world, con or sin good singing voice, have some inclinations to music. You can sing or you cannot. But even if you cannot render a vocal solo or even a duet, you surely can listen and hear good music. You can appreciate melody and you can sing silently in your heart. Now, there are many genre of music and is yodeling one of your likes?

Basically, a yodel is a kind of singing of an extended note. This is done repeatedly and rapidly with distinctive changes in the pitch. Some who want a more melodious music consider yodeling as a noise, mere yelling. However, in some period of time, this yodel had become a part of Texan music. Several singers who hailed from Texas incorporated this yelling musical rendition into their distinct singing styles.

As this singing style requires extended repeating changing notes, anyone who does this should make his sound come from his chest voice going to his head voice. This high low high low melody of the voice had become famous in various states, not only in Texas where it was previously loved, but also all over the globe.

The high low high low shift in pitch had been popular in Texas. A more familiar kind of yodeling had been attributed to Swiss folk music, suspiciously developed in the Swiss or Austrian Alps. In the beginning, such sound was only a method of communication between mountain peaks but later it developed to become an integral part of the traditional Swiss or Austrian singing.

Another yodel technique comes from Persia. This was integrated in the Persian and Azeri music. The singing technique makes use of tahir which is oscillating to the neighboring tones. Krimanchuli is the name of yodeling musical technique in the Georgian traditional musicale. And in Central Africa, the yodels are inserted by the Pygmies in their conventional polyphonic way of singing. And in American music, this technique is a part of the bluegrass or country music.

If anyone is interested to adapt this kind of voice singing, he has to learn how to make use of his distinct vocal registers. These are the head and the chest voices. The range of lower pitch will come from the chest voices while the range of high pitches will emanate from the head chest. With this singing style, you should learn how to control your voice, overlap the ranges and easily go switching from high to low or vice versa. Yodeling will involve the up and down or see-saw motion of the voice.

Yodeling to some ears is nothing but yelling. However, this sound had been introduced as a technique in many different countries. They are called with different names. Nevertheless, this consistent shift of up and down voice pitch had developed into a music many aficionados to country singing had loved.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A New Perspective On The Internet Of Things

According to Davor Sutija, chief executive officer at Thinfilm , about a trillion sensors are required to power the billion connected devices expected to power the Internet of Things. To meet demand for the sensors, the Norway-based maker of organic semiconductors and printed electronics has developed an alternate approach to the Internet of Things. At the heart of Thinfilms approach is a tweak to the existing definition of the Internet of Things. This definition, propagated by large corporations such as Cisco and IBM, puts a network at the heart of the technology. It consists of an ecosystem of connected devices with sensors and intelligence built into physical objects. These devices will talk to and monitor each other, regardless of distance or power consumption. If the Internet of Things is just a massive machine talking to itself, then a billion or so microcontrollers (or computers embedded within consumer devices) is fine, explains Sutija. But, such an Internet of Things is a complex entity on several fronts because it requires a reimagining of the product manufacturing process to integrate microcontrollers into each product. The discussion becomes important when one considers that most stories about the Internet of Things focus on the product and not on the infrastructure that powers the product. Whether it is Apples A7 processor or Samsungs curved smartphone screens, the Internet of Things is as much about advances in ubiquitous computing as about electronics. Both the examples I referenced earlier are possible due to the development of new materials and processing power of printed electronics. For example, the LG and Samsung smartphone screens are new variants of plastic substrates encased in rigid glass.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

a Story Of A Down Jacket

If you ask Liuqing, a senior college student in Fuzhou University, who she respects and loves most,her answer is definitely her father. She and her father look more like close friends without secrets. They tell what interesting and funny things happens during their woking time and school time; they share happiness and sorrow; they confide to each other their own secrets.
Since Liu was in high school, she has bought gifts for her father every year. But all the money was not made by herself. Last year, she wanted to make money by her own to buy a present for her father, althought she still had no idea what to buy at that time.
One day, when Liu went shopping with her friend, a down jacket draw her attention immediately. That's it---a down jacket---the best present for his father. Liu's father was always unwilling to buy himself a down jacket just for he would rather save money to make his loved family a happier life. The down jacket is blue---her father's favourite colour. And it looks as a hoody. Once Liu saw the down jacker, she was determined to buy it and was sure his father would like it and would be touched. The price is only RMB 150.
Though the down jacket was not expensive, Liu felt troubled by how to make money in a week because she never made money before. But this would not sway her mind to pay for the down jacket. So she once searched online for nearly one afternoon. Finally, she found a market was hiring some employee to distribute leaflets. Contacting with the manager as soon as possible, Liu got the job.
While it was a laborious job, Liu was tired and exhausted after working one afternoon. She never thought that earning money was such a difficult thing. But when she thought of her father and the beautiful down jacket,she told herself that she must endure and insist. Trying her best to ignore the suffering, she managed to finish her work for the first day.
The deep love for her father overcame the pressure of the work, Liu succeeded the following days. Once the thought of giving up the job came, she told herself how proud her father would be and how much he would love this year's present when he got the gift. Then she continued working and worked very hardly. After four days, she finished her part-time job and got RMB 200 yuan.
Then she went to the shop to buy the down jacket and packed it beautifully. With a birthday card, the down jacket was presented to his father the next day. Her father was so happy and moved that he cried.
The love between the father and the daughter is as warm as the down jacket. It moves everybody. It encourages everybody.
So, dear friends, if you have no idea about how to express your love to those your love and those who love you, just send he or she a down jacket. They will have a warmest winter.